Using OMSA and snmp on CentOS to monitor Dell servers in zabbix.

Recently I’ve needed to configure more advanced monitoring of Dell servers with hardware Raid, becasue of disk failure in one of my servers. I’ve came across a lots of information how to configure OMSA in Centos, but every description and howto shows that You need to install every component from OMSA to run it properly, so I’ve decided to write my own note how to do it without installing unnecessary software from OMSA repository. Here are the steps to install OMSA snmpd support:

First of all install OMSA repository on Your CentOS system. To do this follow instructions on this site:

Now You can install necessary software and run snmpd with omsa support:

yum install srvadmin-megalib srvadmin-rac-components srvadmin-server-snmp srvadmin-deng-snmp srvadmin-base srvadmin-storelib-sysfs srvadmin-deng srvadmin-isvc srvadmin-smcommon srvadmin-sysfsutils srvadmin-storage-snmp srvadmin-omilcore srvadmin-hapi srvadmin-cm srvadmin-idrac-snmp srvadmin-storage srvadmin-storageservices-snmp srvadmin-omacs srvadmin-storelib srvadmin-ominst srvadmin-xmlsup srvadmin-isvc-snmp

Of course You need to set up snmpd to run as You wish (You will find how to install and configure snmpd on google ;) ), and as dependency You need to configure snmpd to get values from OMSA – just edit this file:


And add this line on the end:

smuxpeer .

You are almost ready to read OMSA variabled from snmp, just fire up all needed services:

/etc/init.d/dataeng start
/etc/init.d/snmpd restart

And add those services to start automatically during boot:

chkconfig dataeng on
chkconfig snmpd on

Now You can check if everything works as You wish (this command is for default configuration of snmpd on CentOS, and of course You need to have net-snmp-utils package installed):

snmpwalk -v 2c -c public .

If everything is working as we needed You should see a lot of lines with informations.

Now it is time to configure zabbix to read this data. I’ve found nice zabbix template on zabbix forums. Just download it from here: and import in zabbix.

Last step to get it working in zabbix is to Link this template to servers You need to be monitored.

Hope this post will be helpful for somebody.

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