iOS jailbreak tool evasi0n on Fedora 18 x86_64

I just wanted to do jailbreak on my iPad3. I’ve grabbed latest version of jailbreak software from website. Unpacked it, and run, but I’ve got error:

./evasi0n.x86_64: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

So I’ve digged for a while, and find out that I do not have some libraries, however I’ve installed libssl and libcrypt that are necessary to run this jailbreak software. Unfortunatelly Fedora 18 only have openssl in version 1.0.1. So I had to compile openssl v. 1.0.0. Here are the steps:

tar -zxfv openssl-1.0.0j.tar.gz
cd openssl-1.0.0j
./config -t

After that You will have and files in this directory. Now You need to copy those files into proper directory in Your system:

cp /usr/lib64/
cp /usr/lib64/

And now evansi0n software is running wihtout any problems.

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