Fedora 19, openvpn and default route

According to one of my latest post (Fedora 19 and override routes with openvpn) I realized that Network Manager applet is not showing the status of VPN connection – icon will not change to this one: network-manager-icon-vpn.

I decide that I need better workaround, so I’ve dig a little bit more and I found out that this issue can be resolved in simple way. Here is another workaround to this issue.

All the connection that are setted up by Network Manager or nm-connection-editor are stored in:


So to set up connection to disable default route through VPN connection, or use VPN connection to resources only on remote network,  simply edit file that is responsible for Your VPN connection. For example: if You’ve created connection VPN1 just edit file VPN1, and put there those lines (of course in appropriate section, in my case it was in [ipv4]):


Save this file and now You can start Your VPN connection through Network Manager applet, also it will change Your icon according to the status of connection.

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