Fedora 18, chrome and jnlp file association

Every time I’ve upgrade or reinstall fedora I have the same issue. Downloaded *.jnlp file with chrome browser will not open (from the bottom of browser) in java. While this file is clicked it will open new tab and will download this file again. I’ve modified a little bit my system so from now on it will open *.jnlp files with oracle javaws. So here are the steps how to do it.

Open terminal and login as root. Then just go to /usr/share/applications and create there a file javaws.desktop. Put those lines in this file:

[Desktop Entry]
Exec=/usr/bin/javaws %U 

Save file and go to chrome to download some sample jnlp file. Download it but do not open via browser. Go to place where this file was downloaded and do right click. Then “Open with” -> “Another program” -> “Display another programs” and then just choose Javaws.

From now on You will be able to open *.jnlp files directly from google chrome browser.

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