Charging iPad connected to USB port on Fedora

When I bought iPad I was confused that it will not charge when connected to USB port in my desktop. Recently I found this software: ipad_charge. As it is said on github it will charge almost all portable apple devices. So I gave it a try and I found out that this software is doing it in the way that I wanted. All You need to install this software on Fedora 18 x86_64 is to compile it. I will show below all the steps to use this software.
First of all You need sources of ipod_charge:


Now we need to unpack it:


And compile it:

cd ipad_charge-master
sudo make install

And that’s all. Now when You will connect iPad to Your desktop it will start to charge.

Of course You can turn off charging while connected to USB:

ipad_charge --off

And enable charging again:


I also found out that You can access Your iPad’s (and other apple portable devices) data while charging. So it is very useful software.

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