about me

Hello! I’m sq4ind, a Senior DevOps Engineer with a passion for technology, both professionally and personally. My journey in the tech world started in my second year of university, where I dived headfirst into the role of a Systems Administrator. This role marked the beginning of a path that led me through various companies, gathering knowledge and expertise, and culminating in my current position where I specialize in Terraform, AWS, Python, and, of course, Systems Administration.

My Work

One of the highlights of my career was the opportunity to deploy an OpenStack project entirely on my own. This project not only tested my skills and determination but also reinforced my love for tackling challenging tasks and delivering solutions that make a difference. Nowadays, my focus is split between refining my expertise in Terraform and AWS, scripting in Python, and ensuring systems run smoothly and efficiently.

Beyond the Keyboard

When I’m not coding or deploying cloud architectures, I’m likely exploring the world of HAM radio. This hobby not only satisfies my curiosity about communications technology but also allows me to disconnect from the digital world, in a way, by connecting with people across the globe in a more traditional manner.

Why This Blog?

This blog is my platform for sharing insights, ideas, and solutions that have made a difference in my projects and daily work. It’s designed for fellow SysAdmins, DevOps enthusiasts, and anyone intrigued by the challenges and rewards of maintaining and optimizing digital infrastructures. Through this blog, I hope to contribute to the community that has been an integral part of my professional growth, offering bits of wisdom, guidance, and perhaps inspiration.

Connect with Me

For those who share my passion for development and innovation, feel free to explore my GitHub and DockerHub profiles. These platforms showcase some of the projects I’ve worked on and contributions I’ve made to the open-source community. You can also contact me here.