Month: November 2011

random password generator in bash

Here is small but powerfull aliast for .bashrc file. It will generate strong passwords. Just put this in Your .bashrc file: genpasswd() { local l=$1 [ "$l" == "" ] && l=20 tr -dc A-Za-z0-9_ < /dev/urandom | head -c

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redirect specified traffic to external server with dd-wrt

Recently I have to do some redirection based on iptables on DD-WRT powerd router. I didn’t find any useful information on google, so this is how I had done this. First of all, redirection will be done for all packets

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ssh tunneling to bypass network limitation

Recently I had a problem with my vpn – I couldn’t connect to my vpn server because of network limitation. Despite 1194 port was blocked by academy network administrators, they do not block ssh port. So I used very simple

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configure cisco router – summertime in Poland

Last time I have some problem with changing time from summertime to wintertime in poland. My home Cisco Router (model 871) has ntp source time, but has not properly change time to wintertime. Here are the steps to configure it

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hello world!!!

So I think it’s time to start blogging. I will post here things that I am currently working on. I think this blog will be like diary – for me to remember some things that I had done once and