Quick Tip: Centos 6.5 and zabbix agent 2.2.1

If You are facing with one of the following problems after upgrading CentOS and Zabbix agent to the latest stable realese (CentOS 6.5 and zabbix agent 2.2.1):

  • You cannot get autodiscovered items data (for examle: network interfaces bandwidth)
  • zabbix cannot collect data from MySQL (using provided by zabbix authors MYSQL template
  • Just try to:

  • disable SELinux
  • set SELinux to permissive mode (setenforce 0)
  • try to update SELinux policies
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    4 comments on “Quick Tip: Centos 6.5 and zabbix agent 2.2.1
    1. DIVI says:


      Kurwa, no ile mozna powtarzać? :-)

    2. DIVI says:

      man audit2allow!!!

      • sq4ind says:

        Tak, wiem jak się poruszać po SELinux :), ogólnie go nie wyłączam, lecz tej maszynie to nie jest aż tak potrzebne.

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